Natural gas equipment can help your business move more money to the bottom line – and it can shrink your business’ carbon footprint. Choosing natural gas for business equipment is an environmentally responsible way to get the reliability and performance your business needs – at a lower cost.

Distributed Generation
Distributed generation allows you to create your own electricity, using small power-generating units that produce between 5 kilowatts to 25 megawatts.

Commercial Boilers
Many businesses in the Elkton Gas service area use boilers for central heating, water heating and manufacturing processes. Converting your boiler to natural gas can reduce your operating costs and environmental liabilities.

Natural Gas Cooling
Most people associate natural gas with heating, but natural gas cooling technology is becoming increasingly popular with businesses in Georgia. Cooling with natural gas can help your business move more money to the bottom line by reducing your electric demand charges.

Natural gas forklifts save money, increase safety, improve air quality, refuel more easily and reduce maintenance. Using natural gas forklifts also reduces space required for battery storage and recharging.

Combined Heat-and-Power (CHP)
These sophisticated systems are intelligent energy efficiency. A basic CHP system generates electricity through a large gas-fired turbine, producing a great amount of waste heat which can be used for space heating, drying or water heating.

Gas Booster Heaters
These heaters are a high-efficiency and cost-effective solution to providing the final rinse for sanitizing dishes for restaurants; hotels and motels; schools and universities; and hospitals and nursing homes. Gas booster heaters take hot water at temperatures of 120°F–140°F and “boost” it to 180°F.