Elkton Gas Budget Billing

With Elkton Gas Budget Billing, you can stabilize your monthly energy costs and pay the same amount each month during the winter heating season. It’s a free service and easy to join!

If you are a residential or commercial customer, and your account is in good standing, you qualify to sign up for our nine month Budget Billing Payment Plan that will spread out your winter heating bills.

The enrollment period for the upcoming winter begins in July of each year. Beginning each September and ending in May, you can pay your winter natural gas heating bills in monthly installments. This is a nine month Budget Bill Payment Plan. Your monthly payments will be based on the past 9 month consumption history at your service address. If needed, we may adjust your payment amount during the heating season.

In July when you receive your regular monthly bill, you will either receive a bill for any additional amount owed or a credit for any overpayment. Please note that all monthly payments under this plan must be made by the scheduled due dates.

Budget Billing FAQs

Can payment arrangements be made on budget balances?
There will be no payment arrangement of any leftover true up balances. Only a 7-day grace period will be given on budget balances.

How can an account be dropped from budget billing?
Once an account has entered the second stage of collections process (collector notice for disconnection or payment), the account will automatically be removed from budget billing. Also, a customer can request to be removed from budget billing.

Where are the accounts reviewed and how are they recalculated?
The accounts will be monitored on a regular basis for any over and under charges with the account. It will be determined if it is necessary to recalculate the budget billing amount. A letter will be sent to the customer informing them of the new budget billing amount.

What happens when an account is taken off budget billing and there is a balance owed?
The full amount is due at that time.

What happens if my account is taken off budget billing and there is a refund due?
We can refund the amount, if the customer requests it or it can be applied toward future bills.

Can I come back to budget billing after being dropped by the system?
Yes, however you cannot restart the current budget billing program until the following year.

What happens if I move and want to be on budget billing at my new residence?
The budget amount will need to be reviewed and possibly recalculated according to the premise.

How does the remaining balance carry over into the next budget season?
The true up month is July. We do not roll over the balances to the next budget billing season.