Appliance Connectors

Appliance connectors are corrugated metal tubes used to connect gas appliances to fuel gas supply pipes. Some older brass connectors have a serious flaw in how their tubing was joined to their end pieces. These older brass connectors have not been in production for more than 20 years now, but might still be found and in use in older homes and buildings.

Over time, the end pieces can separate from the tubing and cause a serious natural gas leak, explosion or fire. Uncoated brass connectors should be replaced immediately. Although not all uncoated connectors have this flaw, it is very difficult to tell which ones do. Therefore, any uncoated brass connectors should be replaced immediately with a new plastic-coated brass connector or a new stainless steel connector.

Only a qualified professional should check or replace connectors. Do not move your appliance to check the connector! They can easily break if moved even slightly. For your safety, make sure a qualified professional performs the inspection and immediately replaces any uncoated brass connectors with stainless steel or plastic-coated connectors.

Each appliance should have a shut-off valve installed on the house piping before the connector. Connectors should:

  • Always be installed by a certified contractor every time an appliance is replaced or moved from its location.
  • Be installed where no one will step, sit, lean or place a heavy object on them.
  • Never be installed through a wall, floor or ceiling.
  • Not be more than six feet long