Excess Flow Valve

We carefully maintain a network of natural gas mains and service lines that deliver safe and reliable natural gas to the communities we serve.

An excess flow valve (EFV) is a mechanical device installed inside a natural gas distribution service line between the street and residential meter that enhances the safety of your natural gas service. If there is a significant increase in the flow of gas (e.g., due to a damaged line), the EFV will “trip” or close to minimize the flow of gas through the service line.  Once the repair is made and the correct pressure is restored, the EFV automatically resets itself.

While the mains and lines serving your community are already safe, federal code changes require that we let customers know about this supplemental device.  An EFV is not required on existing natural gas service distribution mains and lines.

The cost to have an EFV installed at your premises is about $2,000.

If you’d like information about having an EFV installed on your service line, contact customer care at 866.281.6483.